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Canada-Nunavut Housing Agreement

“Today`s announcement is further evidence of our government`s commitment to working in partnership with all provinces and territories, Jean-Yves Duclos, Minister of Family, Children and Social Development and Minister of the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation Aboriginal communities are already important participants and owners of clean energy projects and businesses, consisting of 184 medium-sized projects in the fields of hydroelectric, wind, sun or biomass, and more than 2,300 small renewable energy projects. Projects that are owned by Aboriginal communities or linked to a defined financial interest agreement account for a total of 18% of Canada`s electricity generation capacity, or about one-sixth of the electrons consumed in Canada. 33. In 2007/2008, the company`s maintenance budget for its more than 4,000 public housing units was more than $19 million. We therefore expected it to regularly monitor and report on the condition of its public housing stock for decision-making and accountability. Nunavut faces unique housing challenges, with a northern climate, a geographic area covering one-fifth of Canada`s land mass and a dispersed population of approximately 29,000 people living in 25 isolated communities, accessible only by air or sea. Public housing managed by the Corporation accounts for more than 50% of all housing in Nunavut. 20. Application of eligibility criteria. To assign a public housing unit, applicants must meet basic eligibility criteria before being assessed on the basis of basic criteria of need and community criteria. We expected that documents would be found in the files of community partners, showing that successful candidates met all eligibility criteria. We found no documented evidence that the eligibility criteria were applied consistently. 104.

We found that while the group`s business plan contained the priorities set out by the Minister in his waiting letter, it did not contain performance measures directly related to the objectives of the program. For example, the public housing program aims to “increase the number of adequate, adequate and affordable housing units in Nunavut.” We found little evidence that measures were developed to assess the adequacy, suitability and accessibility of housing in Nunavut. 34. In accordance with their agreements with the Corporation, Community partners are required to inspect and report on the condition of each unit each year, using the company`s maintenance management (MMP) program. They are also required to use the company`s maintenance and management operating system to report regularly to the Corporation all interviews they have conducted. The objectives of the MMP are to contribute to the provision of safe housing and to the protection and preservation of the company`s assets through regular maintenance and repairs. 8. In 2007, more than 1,200 people were on waiting lists for public housing. According to Nunavut`s 10-year housing action plan, Nunavut must provide an additional 273 units per year to keep pace with population growth. Currently, an additional 3,000 units are needed to reconcile Nunavut`s overcrowding rates with the rest of Canada. 17. Under the agreements, Community partners are required to follow the company`s guidelines and procedures regarding the allocation of public housing units.