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Schengen Agreement Nz

“We confirm that the bilateral agreement between NZ and Italy is in force. This means that you can have a 90-day tourist stay in Italy, even if you have already spent 90 days in another Schengen country. Fyi – here is the list of bilateral visa-free agreements in force for Schengen countries, as reported to the European Commission: I am currently only a New Zealand resident, so I don`t think any of this is applicable to me at the moment? We will soon visit Greece – I think I have to follow the Schengen route… For now. Fingers crossed these beautiful arrangements remain in effect for many years to come! I just thought it would be useful to anyone who does nothing too complicated, who flies from Germany and who does not have an email from the embassy on the validity of the agreement. And the arrival disturbs me. Do you think it refers to the initial arrival in the Schengen area or the arrival for the beginning of the 60 days? It would not make sense for this to be the arrival in the Schengen area, would it? If that were the case, I would not be able to use the agreement, since I entered Schengen via France. He also said that it was not necessary to leave the Schengen agreement or even Belgium (if I am already there) for the agreement to enter into force. That`s why I`m a little confused. Note, however, that when you enter the Schengen area, the border guards will stamp your passport and you may be challenged by the local police or other authorities upon their exit if they qualify you as over-stay, and you may be accused of being one when you leave the Schengen area, unless you prove something else.

You will find your information in the Schengen border code (Articles 10-11) If you wish to benefit from the provisions of the bilateral agreement, please mention it to the border guard (your passport is not stamped upon entry to Greece, as you are on an internal flight to Schengen, but you will be inspected at the later entry into the Schengen area. Therefore, you should expressly ask the border guards to enter Greece to take advantage of the provisions of the bilateral agreement between Greece and New Zealand and not to enter Greece and to travel to another Schengen Member State during the same period, as it will be really difficult to start calculating Schengen for short-term stays. and it seems that the same is true for Iceland. Here is das INZ-Betriebshandbuch, which mentions bilateral exemptions with New Zealand. This is for foreign citizens applying for a NZ visa, but if these agreements are bilateral, they can be interpreted as NZers applying for visas/permits for those countries.