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Under A Plea Agreement Traduzione

on the grounds and premises are located in …… and described in particular in the list written below, AND WHEREAS the seller has agreed to sell the property in question to the buyer at the price of . ….. and received from the buyer an amount of … as serious money for the execution of the sales contract, 108. It is clear that the assessment of the distribution of liability under the Reform (Neglect of Participants) Act 1945 must take into account both causation and guilt. In any event, the adjudicating entity reserves the right to ask the distributor at any time, as a result of any changes to its trade guidelines, to cease the sale of a competing product, or even any competing product mentioned in Schedule 4. In this case, the distributor decides, within 12 months of the above communication, whether to suspend the sale of competing products or to terminate the contract before the expiry of this contract. If the trader does not make a decision within the aforementioned time frame, this contract is deemed to be automatically terminated. Traduzione: Il Concessionario if impegna a non: The obligations covered by points (a) and b) of that article do not apply to competing products already manufactured or sold by the distributor at the time of the signing of this agreement, which must be expressly mentioned in Schedule 4. convicted by a majority judgment of 10 to 2 of murder on Count 1 of an indictment in which he appeared with a number of co-accused. On 13 January 2003, he was sentenced to life imprisonment. Another count of Assisting An Offender (Count 5) remained in the file under the usual conditions.

It appeals the conviction of the single judge who granted restricted leave (see below). 16. Stamp fees and transfer and registration fees due to this agreement are borne and paid equally by the parties, except that all other costs and costs incurred by the party for the transactions, including legal fees, are borne and paid by the party. Traduzione: Le spese, per quanto riguarda l`imposta di bollo pagabile con questo e l`atto di cessione e oneri della registrazione nel rispetto di esso, saré a carico e pagata in eguale misura dalle parti di questo accordo e, salvo che tutti gli altri oneri e spesi sostenute dalla parte nel rispetto delle transazioni includendo i compensi suoi e dell`avvocato saranno a carico e pagati da. 1. The seller will transfer and transfer to the purchaser the land and premises described in the following agreement and cede the aforementioned lease agreement for all the remains of the non-expired term of that lease, subject to the rent reserved for him and the conditions and conditions it contains, and the buyer has agreed to set up the land and premises covered by that lease. , to acquire. 3 Exclusive License Under this agreement, the contractor grants the distributor an exclusive licence for the distribution and sale of products bearing the mark in the territory for the duration of the agreement. However, the client reserves the right to sell his products directly to the following categories of end customers at prices that he deems most convenient without granting discounts or commissions to the merchant: 2.