Privacy Policy for Android Apps

This privacy policy applies to all Protyposis Android Apps. Protyposis apps take your privacy very seriously and do not purposely collect any data, particularly private and personal data, except where explicitly announced and after explicit consent of the user. This means that no data will be shared with third parties behind your back.

All Protyposis apps make use of the error reporting service Fabric, whose privacy policy is available here. Fabric is a service that collects reports of errors and problems inside the apps, and these reports contain various information about your device (e.g. make, model, memory size, internet connection, country) and most importantly, information about where in the app an error happened. All of this reported data is solely used to detect problems and to improve the quality of the apps.

Apps that record audio or video, in particular ClockDrift and Spectaculum Demo, do not send this data over the internet or over any other connection to any place outside your device, and thus never leave your device. The recorded media is only used to fulfill the particular purpose of the app as described in the Play Store or inside the app.