The following is a list of selected private projects that I have published in some way:

A fashion label that celebrates the nickname of the city of Klagenfurt, Austria.

YI M1 Mirrorless Camera Firmware Tools

A firmware unpacker & repacker for YI M1 firmware files.

Klubus - Departure Monitor Klagenfurt

Klubus is an Android app designed as a simple departure monitor for public transportation across the city of Klagenfurt am Wörthersee, Austria.


Spectaculum is a hardware accelerated view for visual content on Android. It supports zooming, panning, shader effects, and 360° VR video, and interfaces with common video playback and camera APIs.


Aurio is an audio processing, analysis, and retrieval library for .NET. It provides a collection of basic audio processing and multiple well-known fingerprinting methods, and its stream-based architecture makes it easy to create custom processing pipelines and implement audio features.


A simple and lightweight JavaScript picture gallery layout library that transforms a list of images into a nicely ordered grid.

Picturesque Online Photo Management Platform

Picturesque is a stock photo management and distribution platform for communities and organizations.


MediaPlayer-Extended is an open-source media player library for Android, designed to be a drop-in replacement for Android's MediaPlayer/VideoView. It adds functionality like MPEG-DASH streaming, frame-exact seeking, and playback speed adjustment.


ClockDrift is an Android app designed to measure recording and playback drift between devices. The app is useful for checking compatibility of devices for parallel recording, and for determining speed correction factors for synchronization in post-production editing.

Doq - Universal Dock Adapter

Doq is a Bluetooth audio adapter that links Android phones wirelessly to iPod dock interfaces and supports remote control and metadata transmission. It earned second place in the product category at the Austrian build!Impuls idea challenge in 2014.

Local Audio Broadcast

Streams audio playback on Windows computers to UPnP/DLNA media renderers on a local network.

AAU Student Portal

An Android app for students of Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt, offering mobile access to the most important student services as well as additional mobile-only features, including automatic phone muting during lectures, campus map navigation, push notifications for new grades, and NFC login with the student ID card.


An application designed for the automatic synchronization of overlapping audio and video recordings. Originally developed as a research tool, it is based on audio fingerprinting and time warping algorithms, allows the detection and removal of drift, and enables exporting the synchronized files to Non-Linear Editing systems (NLEs) for post-production.

Canon Camcorder Firmware Tools

A collection of tools to decrypt, analyze and re-encrypt firmware update files (*.FIM) of Canon camcorders.

Live Music Videos

An attempt at producing videos of live concerts, mostly of metal bands, using cheap consumer hardware. They range from unsolicited audience recordings to endorsed multi-camera productions.

An online catalog showcasing my collection of unofficial audio and video recordings (recordings of independent origin, bootlegs, demos) of the band Marilyn Manson. Since 2003, I collected approximately 800 live concert recordings through trades with individuals wordwide, covering all phases of the band's career.