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The following is a list of selected personal (i.e. not for a company) projects that I’ve been working on and that I have published over the years:


Spectaculum is a hardware accelerated view for visual content on Android. It supports everything from single pictures to 360° VR video out-of-the-box, comes with a nice interface for realtime shader effects and is compatible with lots of video players, including the Android MediaPlayer, MediaPlayer-Extended, and ExoPlayer.

Published 2016


A Simple and Lightweight Picture Gallery Grid Layouter that transforms a list of images into a nice Google+/Flickr style grid without any whitespaces between the images. Artifact of Picturesque, published as standalone library.

Developed since 2015, published 2016

Picturesque Online Photo Platform

Picturesque is a Flickr-like online photo platform with community features to create and manage huge collections of pictures with a community of users. It features gallery and browsing options, metadata management, and elaborate upload and download functionality.

Developed since 2015, published 2016

Klubus – Departure Monitor Klagenfurt

Klubus is a departure monitor for all public transportation stops and stations across the city of Klagenfurt am Wörthersee, Austria. It is made for people who are familiar with the transport network and just want a quick and simple method of looking up departure times.

Developed since 2012, published 2016


Aurio is an audio processing, analysis, and retrieval library for .NET, with a strong focus on audio fingerprinting. It contains a framework for performant audio processing based on a streaming approach, and makes it easy to create a custom processing pipeline or implement audio features. It interfaces with FFmpeg to read a multitude of media formats and comes with a collection of basic audio processing and many well-known fingerprinting methods.

Developed since 2010, published 2015



MediaPlayer-Extended (f.k.a. ITEC MediaPlayer) is a lightweight drop-in replacement library for the Android MediaPlayer/VideoView API with enhanced functionality: DASH streaming, frame-exact seeking, and playback speed adjustment.



ClockDrift is an app for Android devices to measure the relative recording and playback drift between devices and their ADCs/DACs (absolute measurements also possible with calibration). It can be used to measure sampling rate deviations and determine how well devices go together for parallel recording sessions, or determine the speed correction factor for post production.

Local Audio Broadcast

Local Audio Broadcast is a Windows tool that captures the computer’s local audio playback and sends it to a DLNA renderer on the local network. Originally written to stream Spotify playback from my PC to my XMBC/Kodi media center, and hence also supports the transmission of the currently playing track title.

Developed since 2012, published 2014


ic_launcher-webDoq is a Bluetooth adapter for the iPod dock interface in cars, connecting Android devices with iPod-interfacing head units. Unlike all products on the market, it doesn’t just serve as a “wireless line-in” adapter, but also supports the accessory protocol. It therefore works on head units where “simple” adapters don’t work, transmits song titles and playback commands between the device and the cockpit. It won the second place in the product category at the Austrian build!Impuls idea challenge 2014.

Developed since 2013, not published yet

AAU Student Portal

The AAU Student Portal (AAU Studentenportal) was an Android app for students attending my university, the Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt. I developed it as a mobile alternative to the official website for the student’s account, which offered an incredibly bad user experience on small mobile devices. During its lifetime, it gained a pretty huge user base and offered many unique features such as automatic phone mute during lectures, campus map navigation, push notifications for important events (e.g. new grades), and NFC login.

Launched 2011, retired 2014


AudioAlign is a tool developed during my Master’s thesis for the semi-automatic and automatic synchronization of audio and video recordings, even if the recordings suffer from time drift. It uses audio fingerprinting to determine overlapping intervals in recordings and refines them with dynamic time warping. The tool can be used to synchronize hundreds of clips and offers an interactive timeline for manual inspection and refinement. The result can be exported to Sony Vegas for post-production.

Developed since 2010, published 2015

Live Music Videos

This is a collection of selected clips from metal concerts I’ve been recording. Many of them are covert recordings, made by sneaking in the equipment, some are official recordings with permits from the bands. The goal was to accomplish the best possible quality with very cheap and limited consumer hardware, and this hobby came to an end after reaching the technical limits and realizing that I need much better equipment that I cannot afford.

Recorded 2006 – 2010


This is an online database of my collection of bootlegs and unofficial recordings of the band Marilyn Manson that I’ve gathered through trading with many people across the globe. It one of the biggest collections and contains some rare studio recordings, but is mostly focused on live audio and video recordings. It also lists all recordings of other bands that I have.

Launched 2005