AAU Student Portal

AAU Student Portal

Launched 2011, retired 2014

The AAU Student Portal (AAU Studentenportal) was an Android app designed for students at the Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt, where I was studying. I initiated its development as a final project for an Android software development course, aiming to provide a mobile-friendly alternative to the university’s official web app for student services, which had a poor user experience on mobile devices. At the time, I was working as a software developer in the university’s IT department, allowing me to also create an accompanying REST API for the backend. The app quickly became popular among students with Android phones, gaining a significant user base before its eventual shutdown.

The app provided a range of functionalities, including:

  • Viewing current and past semester course lists.
  • Accessing contact information of course participants.
  • A calendar showing upcoming course dates, locations, and cancellations.
  • A widget with a preview of the next upcoming classes.
  • Automatic phone muting for course attendance, using Wi-Fi presence detection and geofencing.
  • Campus map navigation to classrooms and lecture halls.
  • Homework submission capabilities.
  • Exam registration functionality.
  • A comprehensive list of grades.
  • Push notifications for course and exam registrations, and new grades.
  • A digital student ID card.
  • A departure monitor for public transport.
  • Cafeteria menu plans.
  • Offering bilingual support in both German and English to accommodate international students.

After leaving my position at the IT department, maintaining the app became increasingly challenging. Consequently, I decided to discontinue the project, shut down the app, and released the source code on GitHub. The IT department had planned to develop a successor app from scratch. Unfortunately, this new app did not achieve the same level of success and was also eventually discontinued.

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