Live Music Videos

Recorded 2006 - 2010

Related to my tape-trading hobby, I became interested in how live audience recordings are actually made and tried it myself. Sneaking microphones and an audio recorder into concerts soon became too easy, which led me to take on the more challenging task of recording video.

A typical audience video recording made with a MiniDV camera and external microphones.

Dissatisfied with the quality, I sought to improve my results, which required obtaining endorsements from the bands. Access to soundboard feeds, closed areas in venues, and being able to use tripods led to better results. However, I quickly reached the limitations of the consumer-grade hardware.

Single-camera tripod shot from balcony with audience and soundboard audio matrix.
Multi-camera setup (1 fixed, 1 tripod, 2 hand-held) with audience and soundboard audio matrix.