Spectaculum (lat. spectacle, show, sight) is a hardware accelerated view for visual content on Android, supporting content ranging from static images to immersive 360° VR videos. It works with all sources that can write to a Surface or SurfaceTexture, e.g. MediaPlayer, MediaPlayer-Extended, ExoPlayer, Camera, and Camera2 API.

Key Features

  • Support for configurable shader effects, zooming, and panning (extensible with custom shader effects)
  • Capability for frame extraction
  • Supports immersive 360° photos and videos, including stereo VR
  • Lightweight design with no external dependencies

Primary Use Cases

  • Enhancing photo galleries and picture viewers with zoom and pan features
  • Upgrading camera apps with live previews, shader effects, and digital zoom capabilities
  • Optimizing video players with customizable image adjustments via shader effects
  • Displaying and playing back 360° VR content with sensor-driven viewport adjustments