Aurio v4: .NET 6, Cross-Platform, NuGet

Aurio v4: .NET 6, Cross-Platform, NuGet

Aurio version 4, released yesterday, is a significant update that brings a host of modernizations and improvements. It is now available in the NuGet Gallery, features an updated build setup, improved cross-platform support, FFmpeg compatibility on Linux, new functionalities, optimizations, and numerous bug fixes.

Build Tooling Updates

The development environment of Aurio has undergone a substantial upgrade, ensuring a simple and automated build process:

  • All C# projects have been updated from .NET Core 2.0 and .NET Framework 4.6 to .NET 6.
  • The native FFmpeg proxy layer has been updated to CMake.
  • Legacy x86 support has been phased out.
  • A new fully-automated CI pipeline is now in place for pull requests and releases, ensuring code quality and stability.
  • The versioning of Aurio now adheres to Semantic Versioning principles.
  • Local dependencies, where feasible, have been migrated to NuGet dependencies.

New Features

Besides the tooling improvements, Aurio 4 comes with several new features and capabilities:

  • NuGet Availability: Perhaps the most impactful update is the availability of Aurio through NuGet, greatly simplifying its integration and use in projects.
  • Cross-Platform Core: The Aurio core library is now free of platform-specific dependencies, with Windows dependencies moved to a separate Aurio.Windows package, achieving true cross-platform compatibility.
  • FFmpeg Upgrade: Aurio.FFmpeg now supports Linux, and FFmpeg has been upgraded from version 3.3 to 6.0.
  • FftSharp Integration: A new managed FFT alternative, FftSharp, has been added, though its use is subject to certain considerations (detailed in the README).
  • New stream types and utilities.

As usual, a range of optimizations have been implemented, alongside multiple bug fixes. See the GitHub release (or changelog) for the full list.

AudioAlign 1.5

Alongside Aurio, AudioAlign has received the same development workflow updates. It has been updated to Aurio 4 and contains a few additional usability improvements. Most importantly, release builds of AudioAlign are now available for download, making it more accessible than ever.