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Demuxed 2017: Ambisonic Audio Using the WebAudio API

This October I talked about spherical audio for 360°/VR videos at Demuxed, a conference for video engineers. I explain the principles of the Ambisonics surround sound technique from recording to playback through a speaker array or headphones with binaural playback, and how it can be used in web applications and video players through the Web Audio API.

The slides edited into the video are slightly incomplete and miss a few important details, and I made a mistake talking about “headphones” instead of “microphones” on the HRTF slide. Other than that, I think the video can be helpful to everyone trying to understand what the Ambisonics technique is. There’s also a short recap on the talk, conference, and the Ambisonics integration into the Bitmovin video player on the company blog called 360° VR Audio with the Bitmovin Player.

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