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Local Audio Broadcast is a simple application that captures the local audio playback in Windows and streams it to a UPnP renderer on the network.

I have originally written it to stream Spotify music playback from my desktop to my HTPC running XBMC, therefore it can also embed the currently playing track title from Spotify into the stream. It is not limited to Spotify though, but can stream any audio playback.

Local Audio Broadcast Demo Screenshot - Example use-case where LAB streams music from the Spotify client to XBMC

The screenshot above shows an example use-case where Local Audio Broadcast picks up the music and metadata from Spotify and sends it to XBMC. Of course it does not make too much sense if the streaming source and target run on the same desktop as seen on the screenshot; they would usually be running on different devices across a network.

The application is already two years old and before disappearing in the depths of my terribly unorganized data archives, I figured it might be of use to somebody besides me and put the sources and a binary download online. You can find the sources, download, and a more detailed description on GitHub.

Local Audio Broadcast on GitHub

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