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GalleryGrid.js: A Simple and Lightweight Picture Gallery Grid Layouter

GalleryGrid.js is a simple JavaScript library that transforms a list of images into a nice Google+/Flickr style grid without any whitespaces between the images. It is now available under the MIT license on GitHub and through package managers.

This library is one of the artifacts of my recently developed Picturesque photo platform and an experiment on how to publish a JavaScript library. A blog post describing the publishing process will follow soon is available here. It is available on GitHub (sources and distributables) and through npm and Bower. Read the docs, check out the demo or see it in production use in the picture list on LAIS.Foto.

GalleryGrid.js on GitHub


LAIS.Foto is a voluntary project that I developed a few months ago for a friend. It is basically a self-hosted online photo sharing platform with community features, similar to Flickr. Compared to other existing platforms, it features a unique upload and download workflow with an intermediate moderation step, tailored to the principle of donating and requesting pictures.


The story began when the client asked me for my opinion on how she could build and manage a photo sharing platform with one of these online website generators provided by webhosting companies. The idea was to create a picture sharing website called LAIS.Foto, where people could donate (upload) pictures for charity and nonprofit projects that cannot or do not want to afford paid pictures for their promotion work. Members of these projects would then request and acquire (download) pictures that they want to use.

ITEC MediaPlayer reaching v3.0, getting production-ready and a new name: MediaPlayer-Extended

Since the previous post from about a year ago, the ITEC MediaPlayer for Android has evolved to its second major version, receiving a lot of bugfixes, a rewritten playback core with huge performance improvements, and the ability to playback audio-only sources. Its new name now bumps it to version 3.0 and it is reaching a point where I feel confident that it can be used in production, and in fact, people are already starting to use it.

Klubus – Public Transport Departure Monitor App for the City of Klagenfurt am Wörthersee

Klubus is a small and simple Android app to quickly check departure times at all public transport stops and stations across the City of Klagenfurt am Wörthersee, Austria. It is made for people who are familiar with the transport network and just want a quick and simple way to check the departure times, and is now available on the Play Store.

TVUnblock IP update script for OpenWRT

Yesterday I discovered the free service and was suprised how easy it is to use. Configuring my OpenWRT router to get access to US Netflix content only took me about 5 minutes. Being a free service, TVUnblock requires users to register their IP with them to unlock the unblocking functionality. For internet connections with dynamic IP adresses, this means that you have to regularly re-register your IP address, else you’re back to the local program, or none at all if you use it for services that aren’t available outside the US.

To automate this process, I have written a small IP update script: