Local Audio Broadcast

Developed since 2012, published 2014, retired 2016

This application is designed to capture local audio playback on Windows and stream it over a local network to a UPnP/DLNA media renderer. I initially developed it to stream Spotify music from my computer to my Home Theater PC (HTPC) running XBMC/Kodi, as I was dissatisfied with the existing Spotify plugins. However, it’s versatile enough to be used with any audio source.

Screenshot of the Local Audio Broadcast GUI

Screenshot of the Local Audio Broadcast GUI

The app features a straightforward GUI, allowing users to select a target UPnP renderer and stream audio from the default playback interface to it. It also functions as a UPnP server, accessible from a UPnP controller, providing audio streams from all active playback devices, not just the default one.

  • Capturing local audio playback from any playback device.
  • Supporting multiple simultaneous streams to multiple renderers.
  • Functioning as a UPnP control point to push the default playback stream to a UPnP renderer.
  • Operating as a UPnP server to facilitate playback stream requests from a UPnP controller.
  • Embedding metadata into the stream if requested by the renderer, compatible with renderers like XBMC/Kodi and foobar2000.
    • Detecting a running instance of Spotify and extracting metadata from the process.

I discontinued the app when Chromecast casting was integrated into the Spotify app, rendering my solution unnecessary.

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