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Installing Edirol UA-5 Drivers in Windows 8 / 8.1 and Windows 10

The UA-5 is not the most recent audio interface and therefore not supported by Edirol anymore. Luckily there is a Windows 7 driver available, and since newer Windows versions should be compatible, it is as easy as installing this driver – I always think. Unfortunately, that’s not working, and editing the INF file is cumbersome and requires disabling the driver signature enforcement (which is not recommended).

The solution is actually pretty simple and I found it here: Download the Vista driver, and run setup in Vista compatibility mode. This driver does not constrain the Windows version and works on all versions through Windows 10.

Posted at 20:06 October 25, 2015

Hey there :) your workaround worked so far as I now can playback analogue signals. But I cant find the digital I/O ? how to activate them under Win10? Greets, Dave

    Posted at 17:19 November 29, 2015

    Hey! I never used the digital I/O but I don’t think it needs to be activated in Windows. Digital input can be activated by a switch on the front of the UA-5, digital output should always be active along with the analog output. Cheers!

Posted at 12:35 June 17, 2016
Mark Thomas

Hi. I have the same problem with digital output on windows 10. Anyone solved this?

Posted at 21:45 July 31, 2020

Thank you! It helped me in 2020. :)

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